• There is a highly trained professional security management team in place . Guards man the gates round the clock, monitoring the entry and exit of students, staff and visitors.


• The school campus is under surveillance with CCTVs installed.


• Students and staff are issued identity cards every year and visitors require passes.


• Timely information through text messages, e mails and phone calls is sent to parents for any significant emergencies.


• Parents are issued Bearer Card at the time of admission


• The school aims to be a safe zone for students through awareness programmes and workshops on personal safety such as circle time, mentoring and self defence sessions.


• The Student Council plays a key role in enforcing discipline and safe inter-personal interactions among the student body.


• Airconditioned buses with GPS fitted


• The buses are closely monitored by teaching and administration staff and children are safely escorted to the buses and on the routes to and from school.


• Safety practices are reinforced among drivers through regular presentations and workshops and health check ups.


• Every bus has a first aid box on it and the attendance of regular bus users is marked on the way to school and back home.


• It is mandatory for students travelling outside the school or the city on trips or to participate in competitions to be accompanied by teacher escorts and the coach.

Disaster Management

The school follows a comprehensive Disaster Management program. Teachers and selected children of senior school have been trained in First Aid, Search and Rescue and Fire Safety. Children have been taken through the evacuation. The evacuation floor plans are displayed in prominent locations through the school.

Water Supply

The quality of the water supply in the school is monitored carefully throughout the year through regular water checks.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety is practised through awareness drives such as Cyber Safety week, and workshops on cyber bullying as well as basic safeguards for students and staff.


Our quest is to create an educational system of 'useful individualized learning' that stimulates passion and brilliance in every child.




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